Observer rule to create tags from custom ticket fields

Is there a way to create an observer rule, that when a condition is met, such as an Open status to Pending, uses whatever information is created in a custom ticket field, to create a tag. So if I have created 3 custom ticket fields, it would, once I meet the condition, create 3 different tags using those 3 fields' information. Bot sure if there would also be a way later to use the data from those fields to automatically create a subject line. Such as taking custom fields 1, 2, and 3..and making a rule where the subject line, when the condition is met, is replaced by information from the 3 fields, such as "field 1 data " + "field 2 data " + "field 3 data ". TIA for any help or tips, completely new to this and so much information in these forums, and not completely able to decipher it all.

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