Bulk uploading contacts

Hi! I'm looking to integrate the API of freshdesk into a custom project. Now I have to import over 100k contacts into the desk, taking a look at the limit it will be slow and painful if it is done one by one. 

As far as I have seen the 'https://domain.freshdesk.com/api/v2/contacts' resource takes only one contact.  Is there any way to import multiple contacts in 1 call? I had rather send them in packages of 500 or 1k. 

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Hello Dario,

Thanks for your post! We don't have an api for bulk upload yet,  you can  use the CSV upload option for now - https://support.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/196491-importing-and-exporting-customer-data. We will look to add the bulk upload api soon. 



Product Manager,


I can't help but notice that it has been two years.  Any updates here?  I don't see any sign of bulk import functionality via the API which is a real shame.

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