Errors Importing from Zendesk

Hey guys,

A few weeks back I managed to get >90% of out last few years Zendesk tickets imported. Just finished the code to convert phone calls to tickets so I thought I'd import the last 3 weeks tickets, comes to ~250 so not many.

It doesn't seem to import any of them! They all error with:

"It should be one of these values: '[our list of call types]'

I'm hand checked the Zendesk tickets and for the most part they do have a call type that matches the list in Freshdesk.

I must be missing something if the import worked fine last time.



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Hello Andy,

Were you able to get the tickets imported on further attempts? Assuming you're using our API to import tickets, the error code should be fairly easy to crack. Please let us know if you're still working on the import and we'll be glad to assist you further. 

Also, I would like to bring to your notice , a couple of free apps available on our marketplace to import data from Zendesk. You can find them here


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