Change outgoing ticket's mail address (to correct typo)

Hi there,

9 of 10 tickets are started by myself, by sending outgoing emails/tickets via freshdesk to my customers (that is because most customers report problems by phone).

I now have made a typo in the customers/contact mail address.
I corrected the typo but the ticket still sends outgoing notes/mails to the old address I had misspelled while opening the ticket in the first place.

How can I correct my mistake so the customer will receive outgoing ticket updates?

Thank you in advance.


2 people have this problem

No one/nothing? :(

I've seen this issue as well

Utini & Nick,

Sorry for the pretty late response on this thread. I know my reply is going to create a heartbreak for you - the email of the requester can be updated but that doesn't actually update the email to which the reply gets sent. This requires the agents to put in a cautious effort to not enter invalid emails ( although we can't remove human errors totally ) . 

Having said that, we'll look into the options on how to make it easier for the agents to edit the reply To email without having to create a new ticket for the same case.


I have a similar issue.

A customer is requesting something and did start the ticket by himself from Mailaddress A. Now after some mails a colleague of him was taking over the case and wrote him Mailaddress B. If I reply to this mail it is still sent to Mailaddress A because the it was the one for creating a ticket.

I know this ticket is 2 years old, but it seems nothing has changed.

Thanks in advance

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