Cursor randomly jumps back to start in reply

Using the new Mint interface for a while and quite like it, however recently it has started to do something odd in the reply box for ticket. The cursor seems to randomly jump to the start of the reply, before the Hi {name}, mid sentence.

Originally I thought I may have had a dodgy keyboard but it is also happening to a colleague of mine as well.

Any one else experiencing this?

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I recognise this. Not to the place you mention, but to the start of the note. Notice this most after including a canned response.


Yeah, I put in a ticket for it and it's a known issue that they're looking into.  It's driving us crazy as we're not touch typers and every time we look up, most of the conversation is at the start of the ticket, we then move it down and after a few words it shoots right back up again.


This one's a very annoying little bug which in itself very inconsistent in showing up. We've identified a couple of instances where this issue can be recreated. You can expect a fix to be pushed to production soon. 

Any inconvenience is regretted.


I have the same issue in the exact place that you are experiencing it Kallen. Thank you Aravind for checking into this, since I basically live in Freshdesk it becomes quite annoying. 

Having the same issue here on multiple PCs. Looking forward to having this fixed.

Thank you, looking forward to the fix :)

Yes. happens to me too, on a Mac with latest OS running Safari. I can't type more than a sentence or two before the cursor jumps. It makes it really hard to answer tickets. Thanks for looking into this!

Would there happen to be a weekend push for development? Since this has to do with primary work and seems to inhibit us on our productivity would this be classified as a P1? 

Hi, we have just migrated to Freshdesk and find this bug very annoying. It gets my agents frustrated. As Violet Breeden wrote, please Freshdesk, can you give this a high priority? This bug interfers with my agents workflow in every single ticket. 

Thank you for any update on the matter.


Yes please as a matter of priority. I am force to write my replies in a notepad and copy paste as it is insanely disruptive. 

Hi everyone,

We've fixed this issue. The cursor shouldn't jump randomly anymore when you're composing replies or adding notes.

We're really sorry about the annoyance over the last week! Thank you for being patient with us while we worked to resolve this bug.


Unfortunately, the problem is still occurring for me at this time.

Yep still happening for me too. Anything in particular we need to do on our end?

@Ron and Kallen : We had deployed a fix for the random movement of the cursor while typing out a reply. However, in case if you're trying to insert a canned response/solution, it might not end up in the likely position and that has already been acknowledged as a bug. 

Try flushing out the browser cache/cookies and see if the issue still persists. If yes, please drop us a note here and we'll try to understand the trigger movement behind the issue in your helpdesk.


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