Canned response formatting sometimes doesn't copy to responses

I see a really inconsistent transfer of canned response text formatting to reply emails.  In all cases, the canned response has formatted text that includes ordered lists and sometimes bolded text.  I usually have a second tab open where I find the canned response, then select its text and copy and paste it to the reply email.  I use the windows right menu copy and paste.

When the text is pasted into the reply email, the formatting is often lost.  Sometimes all the bolded text becomes plain text.  Sometimes the paragraphs run together, like line feeds are lost.  I have manually reformatted the text in the canned response to be sure it is right and sometimes this helps but often it does not.  What gives?

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Hello Charles,

Is there a reason why you'd prefer the copy-paste method instead of using the default canned responses option in the reply editor? 

Also, copy-pasting the canned response should also work as intended keeping the styles intact but I would like to explore more about the setup at your end. Can you please let me know :

1. If you're using freshdesk on MINT?

2. Operating system and browser version(s)


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