Drag/Drop not working

When I try to drag/drop an attachment to a response I keep getting a "Something went wrong. Please try again" message.

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Same issue here as well. 

Thanks Rich & Auston for posting this on our community forums. 

We've noticed this behaviour on the new MINT interface whereas the drag 'n' drop attachments still works on the old Freshdesk UI. We've taken this up as a bug to fix in our development cycle and you can expect this to be resolved soon. I'll communicate any further developments on this case here.


Thank you. Will wait to hear.


Hello Folks,

We've fixed the issue with the drag&drop attachments functionality in the MINT interface. The fix is in production now and we would like to listen to your feedback,if any.


I still cannot find the attachments. Does not seem to be uploading at all. Is this working?

@Nils : Can you please give us some hint on the browser that you're currently using for Freshdesk?




Do you see the dialog box with the text "Drop files here <15MB" when you actually drag a file from the local machine and move inside the Freshdesk ticket window?


No. I just tried to drop it within the reply itself


Please move the attachment near the clip icon ( add attachment ) and you'd automatically see this help text showing up. Dropping it on the reply section will consider it to be an inline attachment where only images can be added.


Hi.  I'm trialing freshdesk and hoping my customers can drag and drop images straight onto the "submit a ticket" form.

It works when I'm logged in but, if I sign out to try and simulate a user with no login, I get an error message that the upload failed.

Does this only work for logged in users or agents?

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