Canned Responses inserting before Signature on Replies

I have a signature for my agent profile, with several line breaks above the signature to allow it some space from my replies.

When I reply to a ticket, my signature is inserted at the bottom of my reply as expected.

If I then insert a canned response, the canned response is inserted after my signature(!).

I have checked my email templates, and the cursor is positioned on the next line after my greeting (i.e. "Hello,)

How can I make it so my canned responses appear in the message body and not after my signature?

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I also have this problem. Since recently both canned responses and KB links are inserted at the end of a reply, instead of at the cursor location as in the past.


I spoke with support and they mentioned this is a known issue they are working on, but no timeline as of yet. 

Yes, it seems like a recent issue to me, too. Glad to hear they are aware of it.

In the meantime, I have appended my signature to my Canned replies (as I am the sole agent anyway). This seems to work even better than having my signature tied to my agent profile, as the canned replies support HTML formatting, which my [complicated] signature requires.

We also have this problem, good to know that they're aware and working on it! Hope they fix it soon. Good tips Bryanus!

Funny. I just realized the title of my issue is incorrect and states the replies are inserted 'before' the signature instead of 'after'! Looking forward to the fix...soon I hope!


There were couple of issues with the cursor position on the mint interface :

1. Cursor position seem to jump randomly to the start of the editor while typing out a reply

2. Cursor position shifts to the end of the editor when a canned response/solution article gets added to the response

We've already fixed the case 1 and the team has made quite some progress with the fix for the second case. You can expect this to be rolled out soon and I'll communicate any further developments on this thread.


Any updates on this?


The bug with the solution article/canned response position in the reply has been fixed.


We are also seeing this issue come up again, is this being fixed again? Thank you!

Yes, it seems this issue has come back. Canned Replies are being inserted AFTER my signature.

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