Export tickets not sending email

Several times per month, I export a table of certain tickets for analysis.  Usually, this goes seamlessly.  Now, it's not sending the emails.

I have a saved view, then click Export and select the fields to be included.  The dates are valid and it confirms that the email is being sent when I click Export.  But the email then never arrives.

I've tried CSV and Excel with the same result.  

Export still works fine for us (now in Mint). Assume you are very familiar with this functionality, but I know (from experience) that no email appears if nothing is selected, without a warning. This is possible if the ticket view (and the dates selected) does not match the export criteria (date range).


@Karen : We're glad that the support team helped you with the ticket export issue. This was due to a slight increase in the job processing time for the export emails last week. It has been fixed now and you would have already noticed that the emails are flowing in seamlessly like before :)

You can check the application status here :