Set default 'From' address for specific Agent and/or Group of Agents

We have two groups in our organization, and each group has a different email associated with them in FreshDesk:

Group A:

Group B:

It is important that Group A only communicates via the support1 email and Group B only via the support2 email.

Is there a way for Agents that are a part of Group A to always have the 'From' address on tickets set to support1 and Group B to support2? I want to ensure they do not have to manually change this each time.

Hello Daniel,

Yes, you can set the default address for the tickets coming into each group as defined. 

To do this, please setup the emails under Admin -> Email section and choose the respective groups in the setup widget. This will make sure all emails sent to the address will have the defined Reply-FROM address set and also routed to the groups automatically .


Hi Aravind

We're expecting the same feature requested by Daniel.

That is enabling a default from email address accordingto the ticket's group.

This feature is a major buy in, as we cannot extend the solution in our company due to this serious limitation. Indeed, agents, when replying to requesters, have to set the from address manually.

Thank you


Hello Team, 

Any update on this? At the moment we can only assign default to one group, we want to assign our support email to all groups. Is there a way to do this?



Like Omar said, we also would like to set one default from adres to all of our groups. Will this become possible?


I'm in the same situation as Omar, we did the product configuration and still having the email from another group (we have to select the correct email from a dropdown).


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