Convert JSON file to CSV


Hope this is the right place.

Freshdesk reports gives you option to export the activities for last 24hr.

This file generate as JSON file.

I build a script that download it locally. now i need to convert it from JSON to CSV automatically.

Can someone help me with this one? 

You didn't say what platform / programming language you are using? 

Powershell has commands to do this:  



This works fine on Windows with Powershell 5.1.  

I just searched the docs for PS 6.0 which is cross-platform (Mac, Linux) and there are similar utitilites.

Hi Roey

I had this issue also.

In case you haven't solved this, I used jq, which runs on windows and linux type systems.

You can use (for example) :

<your_url_call> | jq -r ".results[] | [ .id ] | @csv"

Hope this helps


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