Solved causing slow performance on freshdesk sites..


We have noticed that our freshdesk - and your freshdesk (this site I am currently on) has delays loading data or communicating with

See below..

the red 1 - refers to calls to

the red 2 - refers to SLOW calls to some site called ..

I emailed support - one of your support team said you don't use external websites, so its not something fresh desk would be doing..

But it happens on also

It is slowing down our support team.

Please fix!!



Hello James,

It's really unfortunate that the site performance is bogged down for your agents due to the connections made from the Freshdesk platform. Can you please let us know if this happens on a specific action or do you see significant lag across several pages inside your helpdesk? 

Also, Can you please try connecting to Freshdesk on a different network and see the case remains true? 

We're also closely tracking the support ticket that you've raised fro this case. 


Not as slow on a different network

Hi James,

Can you please try loading the page(s) on the private mode of the browser where all the plugins are disabled? If you're able to record these network calls even on an incognito window, please let us know. Meanwhile, I'll also try to debug this on our local environment.


Thanks for your suggestion - it does not show up in incognito mode - please close this one.

Great to know,James. Thanks again for posting this on our community forums :)