Problem with tickets that have no subject

I've run into a new prroblem that I haven't seen before in the years I've been using Freshdesk. If a ticket comes in without a subject, it won't let me change its type or close it. For example, if I set type to "Tech Support", then click Update, I get an error "The subject field has been updated. Please choose a different value to proceed."

I can go in and edit the subject, but I'd rather not have to. Emails without subjects come in surprisingly often.

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Hello Ron,

This one's a tricky little bug that appears on the MINT interface alone. We've seen quite a few customers reporting this and a fix is already in development. You can switch back to the classic UI to close such tickets until we sort this bug or make the subject non-mandatory for agents while submitting the form. 

You can make the change under Admin -> Ticket fields section , click on the subject field and you'd see a pop-up box where you can set the field attribute. 

Thanks a ton for posting this on our community forums :)


How do I switch back to the Classic Interface to do this?

@Anna : You can switch back to the Classic UI by clicking on the option available under the profile picture menu.


I'd like to confirm the bug is still present. 

A similar issue is present in the iOS app - Agents cannot edit ticket's properties when the subject is empty, the app forces them to enter a subject.

I don't have the ability to change back to the old Freshdesk. How can i resolve this ticket?

@David: Can you please navigate to Admin -> Ticket fields section and make the subject field non-mandatory for agents? That should allow you to close the tickets with no subject.

Hello, I had this issue today and the above solution did not work. However i was able to close it out in the ticket search field view:


I ran into this issue today and the above solution did not work.

However I was able to close it from the ticket list view.

I confirm this bug is till present. I switch back to old interface to change ticket fields

It worked for me, what i did was to switch back to the classic UI and the edit the ticket to add a subject then worked for other agents in my group that are running MINT.

We keep on having this issue. Please, let us know when the bug will be fixed for MINT?

@Rumian: This is one of the priority bugs that we're planning to fix over the next few weeks. I'll post an update here as soon as we pick this for the sprint.


@Rumian - We are still having this issue.

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