Duplicate reply or note

We've noticed that sometimes an answer to a customer or a note is recorded twice. The duplicate answer or note is exactly the same with the same time. In theory I might have double clicked on the send button, but that seems unlikely.
I am using Mint (with a Firefox browser).
Any suggestions what causes this, or do others have the same problem


That's quite strange,Mark. We haven't seen other users reporting this issue in the recent past. Can you help us with more insights on the issue? 

1.Does it happen on all tickets or only selective tickets? 

2. Do you see any pattern ( like when you use a canned response in the reply ) in which this seem to occur?

3. Can you try replying to a ticket with the browser console open and see if you can spot an error log?


Also, can you check if you're seeing multiple POST requests in the Network tab as highlighted in the screenshot below :


Only happens very infrequently, so, not on specific tickets. At a guess one out of 100 replies/notes. In this case there was no canned response, just a very short note. Experimenting is therefore almost impossible. I did not see an error.
Sorry to be ignorant, but where do I find the "Network tab"?


Ah that makes it even more difficult to crack,Mark :( You can open the network tab using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E ( Command + Option + E on a Mac).

When this occurs, do you see a slight increase in the page loading time? It might also be a cause of dip in internet stability where the note data might actually be sent twice due to an unstable network.


Thanks for the info. Yes, I see two post requests.

I have also run a few tests and I can recreate the situation.
If I click the mouse twice rapidly on the Add Note button, I get two notes. On replies I have to wait a bit longer between clicks, but then pressing the Send button on a reply twice does produce two (duplicate) answers.

I can see this is my own mistake, but it would be great if the system could prevent this. When having multiple applications open (on two screens) it depends which window is active to determine what the first mouse click means.   

Great stuff,Mark. Thanks for cracking the case for us :D 

This seem to be handled pretty well with the Classic UI and we'll see how we can go about preventing this behaviour on the MINT interface.



I was able to recreate this on the Add note section where you'd add private notes to internal staff but failed to do so with the replies/public notes. When I hit the send button multiple times, as soon as the reply gets submitted, I get a flash message saying that the ticket has been updated with a response and prevents the duplicates.

I also tested this in the old FreshDesk and could not repeat it. Does repeat using different browsers. I also found getting a duplicate with notes is much easier. With answers it did not often occur. Tried a bit with longer and shorter pauses and did manage to repeat it. Never get a message. Could this be caused as you might have the feature active to allow multiple agents to work on one ticket?


Might be the case, Mark. The one that you're seeing on the image is an Estate account where you've all the collision features available. 

In this case, the Traffic cop is the feature that alerts agents before adding a response on the thread in case of any new response(s). This one's available from the Blossom plan onwards and I assume you're on the free plan as you're not seeing this message.


Thanks for your time,Mark. This has been acknowledged as a bug and a fix is in progress. I'll keep you posted on the release date(s) once we lock it down.


Hello Mark,

We had deployed a fix on production to counter this issue. Please review the case and let us know if you're still blocked by the duplicate note creation.


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