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Do you often interact with multiple teams for solving a ticket? 

Do you use private notes to summarise the ticket conversation in case of a long thread?

Then, this app is for you - it allows you to create a summary of the ticket and pin it to the top of the ticket page.

Try it out and pour in your feedback,folks!


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Okay, I'll try it. I've installed it. Now how do I use it?

@Mr.Smith : You'd find a section in the description of the ticket named "Add Summary". Agents can summarise the ticket conversation in this section and it will always be pinned to the top of the ticket so that it is easily accessible by other teams/agents.


Thanks. That solved it. I suggest you clarify that in the plugin's info page.

What happens if we:

  1. Use the Summary feature for a while, filling in summaries.
  2. Uninstall the Summary plugin.
  3. Reinstall the Summary plugin at a later date (possibly in the distant future).
Do our step (1) entries return after (3)?

Thanks for the suggestion,Mr.Smith. We'll look to add more information on the app summary page. 

Regarding #2, you can either enable (or) disable the plugin. Once you disable it , the notes aren't lost for atleast sometime ( I'll confirm on the timeframe when I get more inputs from the team ) and upon re-enabling it, you'd see the notes entered earlier. 


Okay. Well, I await your reply. I can't responsibly enable this add-on feature unless we know what happens to the data entered into it if we ever temporarily disable it.

@Mr.Smith : Even if the app is disabled, the notes will not be deleted. They would be retained forever unless they are removed manually.


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