Salesforce Integration

I have the app installed in our Salesforce edition which is enterprise. We have an issue with the visual-force page crashing in Salesforce lightning. I can see the tickets and everything but when I click on a topic the page crashes. I can do everything with no problems in classic. Our version of Salesforce is Spring 18. Please help, we would really like to use this great feature for our sales guys to have visibility on tickets. Thanks for your time, Tim.

Hello Tim,

The current salesforce app is supposed to work on the Classic version only. Since some of the code have backward compatibility , you might see some sections showing up on the Lightning version. However, as it stands, the integration is not compatible with the Lightning version

We're working on making the integration compatible with our new interface MINT and that should probably be compatible with the latest SF version. The app development has already begun and you can expect this to be rolled out in few weeks from now.


Hi Aravind,

Any update on Lightning support? The current version of the app isn't working.



... and what about now?

@Zach, @IT Admin, The integration is still a work in progress. I'll talk to the team and see what's the latest news about the integration.

On the other hand, the integration now will work with the Mint interface (Classic Salesforce).


any update on supporting lightning?

Any update on the integration.

Hello everyone,

Apologies for not being active here. 

The Freshdesk-Salesforce integration for lightning version has been taken up as a feature request. We are yet to receive updates regarding the implementation of this request from the product team. We'll definitely make some noise as soon as we get further updates regarding this.