How can I find details of errors

I am using the Mint version of FreshDesk. We sometimes get duplicate tickets created when a customer replies using a different email address (or using an alias). I then first merge the customers, but find the ticket merge functionality useless.

When merging the two customers, I now got the error "The adapter rejected the commit because it was invalid" ad well as a message that the merge was completed. I realise what the message means (that a commit to the database could not be made). But that probably means something is incorrect. I have not seen this error before.

So how can I find out what went wrong and where we need to correct something?

Hello Mark,

In case if the customers are responding from an alias address ( provided it belongs to the same identifiable domain ), we can prevent the duplicate ticket creation by setting up a company record with the domain value. Once the company is created, all users from the company will be able to reply back to the ticket irrespective of whether they are the owner of the ticket or not. So, you can create a company record and put the domain names associated with the company so that it threads all replies to the actual ticket.

With respect to the merge error, can you please let us know if this error pops up all the time when you try to merge a contact or is there any pattern that you can identify ? Also, would it be possible to obtain the X-Request ID of the failing request from the Network tab in the browser console?


I cannot use companies, as these users are not linked to one company. With some providers it is possible to get an email address e.g., but to also have an alias with a readable name: They are both the same account, but they are in no way linked to a different person with an alias.

I have only had this error once, although I have merged customers more often. So with one example there is no pattern :-)
You have lost me on the "X-request ID". I am struggling to understand how to use the console. I now know how to open it. I assume I should click the option to Reload the page. I then get a list, and then I am lost.


I thought I answered this, but as it has not appeared I will try to answer again.
The customers who respond do not belong to one company, but are private individuals, so the company feature cannot be used as far as I can see. When an individual gets an email address from a provider, they can sometimes use an alias. For instance, someone might have an account (= email), but then they can also create an alias for the same email account Sometimes they also answer from a different email address, e.g.

As it has only occurred once, I cannot identify a pattern. I have merged customers before, but never had this message.
I am struggling with the browser console. I can now open it. But after that I am lost. Where do I find some form of explanation. I now select "Reload" and can then see some lines, but I don't know where to look for the X-Reference ID.
If I know what I am looking at I might be able to check that if I experience problems again.

Hello Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that the forums are under moderation - you'll see the comments only when approved by the admin :) Thanks for explaining your case and how setting up companies might not do the trick here. Glad that you were already aware of the option  - sensing a Freshdesk champion here ;) 

I'm sorry that the images that I had uploaded earlier for indicating the X-Request ID header got corrupted and couldn't get them posted on the thread. Not to worry - I have recorded a video on how to obtain the X-Request ID for the merge action.


Hello Mark,

Can you please check if you've any mandatory fields for contacts listed under Admin -> Customer fields section? We had fixed a couple of issues with the merge functionality and this seem to have produced the same adapter error that you had noticed. Just wanted to check if the issue had re-surfaced again .


Yes, the field Full Name is mandatory in the customer. I can change this if you think it would be better. But on the other hand, I thought this field was filled automatically with the email address up to the @ if no name was known.
I already had the impression that a missing name in a ticket (different field) caused some issues when merging tickets.

And as for the moderation - yes, I was aware of that, but this time it took 5 hours, so I began to doubt if I had posted anything. 


Hi Mark,

In that case,can you please try recreating the scenario and help me with the response headers ( The X-request ID is available in the Header , response headers are visual indicators of what exactly the error is ) . Do you see something similar to this when the error pops up?


I did not manage to recreate the scenario. I do not have a test system, so the number of tests I ccan run in our productive system is limited. he merges I tried worked properly.



I glanced through different scenarios to recreate this but it appears that a fix that was rolled out earlier has most of the bases covered. This shouldn't re-occur in your helpdesk ideally but we'd like to explore more to see if there's a missed edge case.


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