get company name with ticket view API

I am trying to get list of ticket using following API

but this list returned by this doesn't include company name. I need to get the company name to which ticket is associated.

Hello Mohit,

The method that you're trying to use belongs to the V1 version of the API. We suggest you to try out the new V2 API and also migrate any applications running on V1 as it would be deprecated shortly. 

By default, the API would return company ID as a value along with tickets and you can poll another API call to fetch the company related information. Please have a look at our filter tickets API to achieve this :


The above API give me Json response"Status:2%20or%20status:3"

Also it doesn't give me Responder Name, Requester Name and Company Name. To fetch that I need to make 3 calls to fetch all the information. It would be nice to get that in one go. Is there any API to fetch all the above fields in one go. 


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