Freshdesk MINT release notes - 7th March,2018 ✍️


  1. Dropbox integration on MINT

                File sharing and collaboration is now made easier on MINT with this release.For detailed notes, please refer :

 ** Exclusive on MINT **  Now, you can choose multiple files in a jiffy and add them to the ticket

       2. Navigation alert - prompt users to confirm navigation

                Worried about losing content when you navigate to different pages from the ticket links? We’ve got this covered for you!

                With this enhancement, users trying to reload the page or navigate away from the ticket page when there’s a content typed in already, will get a prompt to confirm navigation before wiping out the text.


  1. Bug fix to show translated value for ticket fields

                Over the last few weeks, the app took a liking to Portuguese. Some of you might have noticed a weird behaviour of ticket fields being rendered in a completely alien language to your helpdesk config.

                We’ve plugged the gaps in the translation - all ticket fields except the status field options will now show up as expected. The fix for status field will soon follow suit.

       2. Bug fix for the header links alignment in Helpdesk-In-Depth report

                 The header links were getting too confusing - literally, with them overlapping into each other . 


                We decided to untangle this and make it easy on the eyes :)



        1.Summary app - Sticky “not”e anymore? Now, you can share a summary of the ticket information to your colleague(s) and thread it to the top of the ticket

        2.Google hangouts chat app - We thought it would be cool for a bot to alert users about ticket updates right inside their hangout chat.*ta-da* This integration lets you to stay on top of the tickets even if you aren’t always on the Freshdesk page :D


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