AWS Workmail Forwarded E-mails Not Arriving at FreshDesk


I've set up an e-mail at Amazon Web Services Workmail, "" (not the actual email), to automatic Forward e-mails to my "" (not the actual email) but the e-mails are not arriving at my FreshDesk.

What I've tested so far:

- Send email from a GMail direct to "": Works

- Manual forward email from a GMail direct to "": Works

- Send email from another AWS Workmail to "": Works

- Manual forward email from AWS Workmail to "": Works

- Send email from "" to "": Not Works

- Manual forward email from "" to "": Not works

This is a big problem and I dont know what to do or how to proceed to sort this out.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,
Eric Akira

Hello Eric,

In case if you're trying to send the emails manually from the support address to its corresponding endpoint, Freshdesk would reject the emails since they would end up in potential looping of tickets in the helpdesk. The default setup of auto-forwarding emails should definitely work - unless the particular support address isn't blacklisted for some reason.

Can you please share the original email headers of the email that was auto-forwarded to Freshdesk but didn't create a ticket?


Hello Aravind,

I will get the original email headers and then share it with you here.

Kind Regards,

Eric Akira

Hello Aravind,

I've just resolved this issue. For other people who might have the same problem as I did, the solution is that in AWS WorkMail you need to create a rule to "Redirect" e-mails to your Freshdesk address instead of "Forward" those e-mails.

Thanks for taking your time to help me Aravind,

Kind Regards,

Eric Akira

Thanks for sharing your inputs,Eric. Much appreciated. 


Yeah not really because then you get an error regarding the SPF record if the email comes from a company

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