Freshdesk MINT release notes-15th March,2018 ✍️


  1. Drag ‘n’ Drop attachments on MINT

                    Email wouldn’t be nearly as valuable if you couldn’t attach documents and images. Who loves to do the mundane job of adding attachments one by one? 

                    With this enhancement, you’d now be able to select multiple attachments and drop them in the ticket page - all in one go!


  1. Grammatical fix in ticket activities

                    With the app taking a liking to Portuguese over the last few weeks (it has been fixed already), the linguistic skills started to diminish a bit. It read Set edited description when you make a change to the ticket’s description and open the activities section - It now correctly renders it as Edited description

        2. Doubled up replies/comments on the ticket

                    The Send button in the reply editor was too fragile - started to react erroneously when there were multiple clicks made. As a result, multiple copies of the reply were sent to the users. 

                    So, if you’re a heavy user of the mouse button - Don’t panic, we’ve fixed the case! 

        3. Today’s Trends - data inconsistency

                    The Today’s Trends widget in the dashboard screen suddenly became a Futurist -started to display the trends for the time in future. It turned out to be a bug with the API for accounts with multiple timezone(s) setup.

                    We’ve fixed the bug and sadly, it has now lost all its magical powers!


  1. Auto-start Timer: The timer starts ticking as soon as an agent opens a ticket. Removes the need of a manual intervention to track the time spent for solving a ticket

  2. Pivotal Tracker Integration:  Pivotal tracker integration is now available on MINT

  3. Contract management: Helps you manage the support hours contracted per company

  4. Email configuration app: Enables you to specify a common 'From' address for emails sent out of Freshdesk 


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In the above notes you mention that Pivotal tracker integration is  available on MINT. Could you please clarify what happens with the existing Pivotal tracker integration that we already had set up before MINT update? At the moment in MINT version we do Not see the integration from the ticket view, why is this? Yet under the Setting we already have Pivotal tracker integration added (this was done prior to MINT). Is there a trick to make Pivotal tracker integration appear on the ticket view in MINT?

@Katrina : The Pivotal integration listed here is a new version developed by one of our system integration partners, Honeybadge labs. It has no correlation with the existing Pivotal tracker integration that can be linked with the old interface.


Thanks Aravind. That is clear. That leads me to another question - where does MINT stand with integration with ?

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