User reply to a ticket


I am working with freshdesk API, I want to integrate it in the support section of a dashboard web app. Clients can check their tickets, and reply to them directly from their dashboard session. But when I try to do that with the admin token, i have this error:


    "code": "invalid_user",
    "message": "You are not authorized to perform this action on behalf of this user. id:%number%, name:%name%"


The API clearly says that users can respond to a ticket so I think it is possible, but I really don't know how to do so.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance !

Hello Mehdi,

Can you please let me know the plan that you have currently subscribed with Freshdesk? Also, Can you please help me with the X-Request ID from the response so that I can look into this further.?


We are currently trying freshdesk to see if it suits our need, so we are using the sprout plan.

Here is the X-Request ID that you asked for :

x-request-id →ea1d677afa73d9c97f31544bab7bdd1d

Thanks !

Ah, exactly what I thought was preventing the users from sending the replies through the app.

The Sprout plan doesn't offer Assume Identity as a part of its feature-set and hence you'd not be able to use the equivalent API endpoint. 

You'd have to upgrade to at least the Blossom plan to get this rolling.


Can we assume identity using the API ? 

Thanks !


The reply sent by the user using the Admin's api is analogous to the Assume Identity feature where the admin can view/access the portal as any user.

This feature is available only from the Blossom plan onwards.


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