Filter tickets using updated_at with date and time

 Hi, I need to filter tickets with the exact time from the last update (updated_at).

This uri works:

But this return an error:


message"Given query is invalid, expected format \"keyword:value OPERATOR keyword:'string' OPERATOR keyword:>'yyyy-mm-dd' OPERATOR keyword:<integer\". Space is mandatory between key/value pair and operator. Please check the paranthesis if there are any."

I understand from this and from the docs that the search API only allow using the field "updated_at" like a date type and not like a datetime to filter tickets, I am correct?. Someone know a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!

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The Filter tickets endpoint is primarily to filter tickets based on the custom properties setup in the helpdesk. The updated_at filter allows you only to input date value and doesn't accept the datetime format. Having said that, you can try the List all tickets endpoint wherein the updated_at value can be specified in datetime format.


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