Completely Logged out of Freshdesk

I have an issue where when I try to login to Freshdesk it takes me to the new Agent login for Freshworks. Then the moment I sign in there it tells me Im already signed in and looks back around to login as a different agent. This loop continues infinitely resulting in me being logged out of our whole support desk. 

It also keeps telling me my account is locked even after resetting the password. I need urgent help on this. Anyone else experiencing this issue? 



Hello Elanie,

Once you click on the agent login, you'd be able to login either through Google sign on or setup your Freshworks account password.Can you please try loading the helpdesk on the private mode of browser and see if that eliminates the false login?


Hello Elanie,

The issue is currently under review by one of our senior pros. We shall get this resolved soon.He'll connect with you asap.


**From the Support ticket**

The issue was with the usage of the account for API calls - the calls were failing because of wrong authentication. Once the API calls were modified/disabled, the agent was able to login without any issues.


Same here now!

It's disappointing. Just when we decided to get the commercial license.

It was much better before this double login.

Programmers are getting worse and worse.

@Andre: That's unfortunate! Can you please shed some light on the error that you see on the login screen?


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