Post contact with language error!

My freshdesk is set to "pt-BR" in the main language, and I do not have the option to enable multiple languages. And when I put a put in the contacts is saved with the language "en" ... And when I pass the "language" parameter: "pt-BR" in the body, I get the error: "message": "The multi_language feature is required to support language attribute in the request". I need help solving the problem.

Hello Jhonatan,

The Multi-language support can be setup only on plans starting from Garden. In case if you've subscribed to the sprout or the blossom plan,I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to attribute any other language for the user profile. 

In case if you want to switch the primary language to English, you should be able to modify it under Admin -> Helpdesk section.


In fact I would like to leave my main language as it is currently "pt-BR". And wanted the contact post to respect that one language and do not invent a language that does not exist in the configuration.


Because when I am saving the contact via API the language saved by default is "en". And it should be "pt-BR" that is language saved when registering a new contact via site. And if I go by parameter the "pt-BR" language in the API, gives the error quoted above.

Hi Jhonatan,

One of our support heroes will get in touch with you soon regarding this. 


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