updated_since lets only returns tickets with an updated_at field

Dear admins! 

I'm trying to get some tickets via API, however, I only get 30 last tickets. I found out that updated_since parameter may be used, but what if the tickets were not modified? Is there a created_since or how is it possible to get such tickets?

Thanks in advance for a quick answer.


You can use per_page parameter to obtain results upto 100 per page and also use pagination to traverse through pages. Also, We had recently introduced the Filter tickets api that would allow you to fetch tickets based on the created_at time as one of the query strings.


Please consider adding an "created_since" option to the "updated_since" method.
While the recently added "Filter tickets" api is great, it doesn't allow you to filter by company_id.

I'm attempting to create a custom report that shows tickets created in a given time span, by company.

Currently I have to rely on the last updated date, which can be very different from the created date. 

As robust as the Freshdesk API is, there does not seem to be any method at this time to get tickets for a specific company which were created since a certain date. 


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