Facebook Security Updates

Our Facebook page integration was disabled recently - now, when trying to integrate again, an error pops up that we are not able to do it at this time due to changes in Facebook security.  Is this an issue with Facebook or Freshdesk?  How do we resolve?

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Hello Marshall,

We've not made any changes to the Facebook integration. Can you please try logging out of your current account in the browser and then see if you're able to see the login prompt inside Freshdesk?


This is the error I get: "Platform Access Disabled: Access temporarily disabled due to changes to the Facebook Platform"



Just found out from FD suppor that this is a known issue.  Basically, Facebook disabled all new messenger authorizations.

See here:


This was fixed earlier but we ran into issues again last week. However, with our latest release, I can confirm the Facebook integration works as expected.


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