Link to local network drive in solution article

Hello all,

As the title states by itself, I want to create an article for the user with a link opening a network drive.

If possible in windows explorer or at least in the web borwser.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work at all.

Either the link cannot be clicked or open freshdesk in a new tab or a page cannot be found.

I tried to change the html code but it still doesn't work.

Here is what I tried :

<p style="">




<p style="">




<p style=""><a href="file://m4frfs2/Pole_Clients/200-%20Projets%20et%20chantiers%20clients/UNICANCER/40-DEVTS_CHANTIERS/Performances/" rel="noreferrer noopener">click</a></p>

But as soon as I save the modification, the href is removed...

Is there anybody to help me on this ?

Thank you !


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