Freshdesk release notes-28th March,2018 ✍️



      1. JIRA Integration: (MINT-only release)

                            You can now create JIRA issues (or) link to existing ones from right within the tickets page on the MINT interface. You can install the app from here.

      2. Salesforce Integration: (MINT-only release)

                            More power to your support agents! Installing this app allows them to view the contact/lead/opportunity information from your Salesforce CRM. You can install the app from here.

     3. Default Company Fields:

                            We're coming up with a new theme around contacts & companies and this enhancement is a little step towards the major goal. There are four new default company fields that help you have a health score, tier, renewal date and and industry associated with companies in your account.


      1. Bug fix for the cursor position in reply editor: (MINT)

                            Earlier, the cursor used to jump to the start of the reply editor at random occasions. We had a fix rolled out for the issue but later found that the solution articles or canned responses, when used in the reply editor, weren't getting added at the exact cursor position.

                            We've eliminated the frustrating little bug and made sure that they follow the norm :)

      2. Bug fix related to Social channel:

  • You'd have noticed that some twitter profiles in the Social tab were unidentifiable by Freshdesk-No, it wasn't a new twitter update! The bug has been blown away!

  •  Facebook direct messages that were created as tickets in Freshdesk weren't getting routed to the corresponding groups as per the DM rules setup. Now, you can sit back, relax and not worry about assigning the tickets.

  • Twitter reply handle(MINT) - The tweet replies were sent using the default twitter handle, even if the agent had chosen a different one. This has been fixed now and the agents are free to choose the handle and reply, provided they have access to those handles!

     3. View contacts privilege: (MINT)

                            Agents who had the access to view contacts but not modify them were unable to see the tickets/forum posts of the contacts on the MINT interface. This wasn't the case with the old interface and hence the same behaviour has been retained.


App Marketplace:

      1. Microsoft Teams Integration: Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with the company's Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, including Microsoft Office and Skype, and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

      2. Google Drive Integration: The Google Drive Integration lets agents and customers browse for files from their Google Drive folder and share them when submitting or replying to a ticket in Freshdesk.


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i'm currently setting up microsoft teams for our organization and wanted to setup the integration with freshdesk - however i see you only support it for users with data hosted at your US Data center. Since we're from Denmark i guess our data isn't hosted there.

Any ETA on when the teams apps will be available for us?

Hello Morten,

The app is now available in the European datacenter also. We'll update the article with the latest information. Thanks for spotting it!


If we have the jira and salesforce apps installed already in the classic Freshdesk interface, do we need to reinstall them or upgrade them for Mint? 

Also, what is NOT supported in Mint vs. the classic interface now?

@Chris: In case if you've already installed it on the Classic interface, you don't have to re-install them on MINT. 

Not supported in MINT : Custom apps(have to be rewritten to suit the new interface),Few marketplace integrations,Dashboard widgets and limited support for Non-English languages.


I cannot access the new company fields. How do we get them on Mint?

@Wadi: We've enabled it for the new signups and the feature is rolled out for existing accounts in batches. I'll see if I can get it enabled for your account immediately.


@Wadi: We have enabled the new company fields on your account. You should be able to access them under Admin-> Customer fields section.


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