Freshdesk release notes- 6th April,2018 ✍️


  1. Freshchat Integration:


                                                Your support desk is more modern now with the all new Freshchat integration. Freshchat is our messaging software that can serve as a powerful alternative for the traditional live chat tools.


     2. Social Signals:

                                    Here's one among the many of our AI powered solutions - Social Signals. This helps you to automatically find the relevant tweets quickly and cancel out the noise in your Twitter account.Read the blog post to know more about this killer feature.

    3. Enhanced Search in the Ticket 'FROM' editor:

                                    The 'FROM' section on ticket replies,outbound email/new ticket sections will now allow you to quickly search for the support email address that you were looking for. By default, 20 addresses are listed when you click on the FROM field.

    4. Freshsales Integration on MINT: (MINT-only release)

                                    Connect your helpdesk with our CRM offering to provide more contextual information about the ticket requester for the support agents. You can take a look at our marketplace listing here.

    5. Archived tickets on MINT: (MINT-only release)

                                    Archived tickets are now accessible on the MINT interface. What's new? We also have a filter for archived tickets on the contacts page to aid the search better.

    6. Announcements section on MINT: (MINT-only release)

                                    Get all the latest updates/support tips right from within your helpdesk. Click on the ? (explore) section available at the top section to access this space.


    1. Bug Fixes related to Contact import:

                                Name or Timezone entries having '&' value were getting intercepted as '&amp.' -> For example: Pacific time(US & Canada) was identified by Freshdesk as Pacific time(US &amp. Canada) , thus erring out the contact import. The same case for contact names with multiple words conjoined with '&'

                                Client manager property -> When the contact has the client_manager property (ability to view tickets submitted by any other contacts in the company), any update made to these contacts via contact import, overrides this field and sets it to empty value.

    2. Bug fix for solution folder visibility:

                                When the solution folder visibility is set to several companies and the companies were added via the list page of the category(where all the folders are listed), the updates weren't getting through. 

    3. Bug fix for language detection for emails forwarded by the agent:

                                Freshdesk automatically detects the emails forwarded by the agent and creates the ticket on behalf of the original email sender. This wasn't working well when the agent's email client sends us the params in Norwegian language.

    4. Bug fix related to Google Calendar integration: (MINT)

                                The Change calendar option wasn't working as expected in the MINT interface and led users to a 404 error page. It has been fixed now and your agents can link/unlink calendars on the fly.

    5. Bug fix related to language translations for default status values: (MINT)

                                The default status values ( Open,Pending,Closed,Resolved) were showing up in English even if the agent's profile language was set to a non-English language. 

    6. Bug fix related to the contact email in replies: (MINT)

                                There were cases wherein the email replies were getting sent to the old address of the contact even if the contact email was updated with a new value right from the ticket page. 

    7. Bug fix related to the Harvest time entries: (MINT)

                                The seconds to hours conversion in time entries was faulty, thus affecting the time entries pushed to Harvest.

App Marketplace:

    1. Auto-ticket merger: Coming from the FreshX labs, this app automatically closes tickets from the same requester in the specified time interval and presents them in a single ticket for your agents. It also lets you to set the time interval for the auto-merge action.

    2. Current replying agent name: As of now, you can only add current ticket assigned agent's name via the placeholders and there are cases where the reply would come from a different agent other than the assigned agent.This is particularly helpful when you've a common email template setup.

This app automatically populates the current replying agent's name in the reply editor. 



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Still some bugs in mint interface. Much prefer this editor  with items at top of input box to mint one.

Bugs found
1) reply editor when use bold etc editor , then  click to return to normal editing space bar not  always recognised  ie thewordsallruntogether?!!  I use Firefox 59.0.2
2) Update of ticket.
  •  If user creates  ticket without subject from email rather than via portal you cannot close the ticket without editing to enter  subject
  • randomly  I cannot  update the ticket if I add an item after the ticket is closed. Occasionally I close the ticket then remember that the  a  non mandatory text field invoice number has not  entered.. If it is changed after closing ticket it does not release for update. Work around is to update a mandatory field  to activate the update button


Hi Guys, the Current Replying Agent's Name has stopped working today. We have used this since it was created a few months ago and today it has stopped working? Can you fix it please?

@Jonathan: Apologies! We're trying to debug the error and will try to get this fixed soon.


+1 on both of the points raised by Alison above. The first point is especially annoying!

+1 on the point that Alison raised above, thewordsallruntogether - happens every now and then.

Any update on the Current Replying Agent's Name, still not working. 

Hi team, could you please see to improve the current agent's Name feature by allow us to use a automated section such as : {{}} ==> {{}}


Hi everyone.

On Freshchat we are using forums (topics) however we would like to link topics, so if we have 25 topics raised in a different phrasing but all relating to the same thing we want to be able to show this on the customer (external facing) portal. How can we do this? there isnt a great deal of edit options on the forums.. (I know we can do this internally) 

thanks :)

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