Freshdesk release notes- 12th April,2018 ✍️


  1. Ability to import secondary emails for contacts:

                                                                                    We've now made it easy to associate multiple email addresses to a contact - you can import the secondary emails using the default contact import option. All you need to do is to use || to separate the values in the Email field.

    For example, ||

  2. Ability to delete Archived tickets:

                                                           Archived tickets can now be deleted from the helpdesk. This is highly beneficial when you'd like to wipe off confidential details after a period of time.

  3. Ability to clone ticket properties export:

                                                                        Ticket properties can be exported automatically with the Schedule reports option. Now, with the Clone option, it is much more easier to setup multiple scheduled reports.


  1.  Bug fix for scheduled properties export:

                                                                        In rare occasions, the ticket properties export data didn't have the latest ticket information for all the column values. This has been fixed now.

  2. Bug fix related to behaviour after contact merge:

                                                                        Consider this scenario - Contact A has email address and Contact B has the phone number. Now, you'd want to merge these contacts to maintain a single record. After merge, the incoming calls were still getting associated with the contact B whereas it should ideally be associated to the parent record, Contact A.

    Post the fix, the call gets rightly associated to the parent contact record.

  3. Bug fix related to tags:(MINT)

                                          "Space" was added as a delimiter to tags and hence adding multi-word tags in MINT was a difficult task. We've now removed space from the list of delimiters so that the behaviour on the OLD interface is retained on MINT.

                                          For example, adding a tag "feature request" was difficult to achieve on MINT before this release.

App Marketplace:

                                No new apps were published on our app marketplace. You can also contribute to the app marketplace by coding apps and solving use-cases on your own. Visit this page for documentation and other related information.




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