Freshdesk release notes- 19th April,2018 ✍️


                    1. Skill Based Round Robin ticket assignment (MINT-only release):

                                            How cool is it to have tickets routed automatically to agents with special set of skills and also manage the load that the agents have to work with? Setting this up on the MINT interface is now possible, thanks to this release.

                    2. Placeholder in links setup via canned responses:

                                            You might want to re-direct users to your site to check the order status and use the order information available on the ticket to send a canned response. For example,{{}}

This enhancement makes sure that the links to external sites are constructed in the expected way and don't error out.


                    1. Broken ticket list/ details page:

                                            We noticed that the SLA calculations were getting timed out, making these pages non-renderable. Although there were very sparse instances, we've made appropriate measures to prevent this from re-occurring in future.

                    2. Issue with 'CMD+Enter' Keyboard shortcut: (MINT)

                                            In the old interface, using 'CMD+Enter' served as a keyboard shortcut for the Send button whereas in MINT, it tend to add a new line which caused a delay in sending out the response. The behaviour has been retained w.r.t how it behaves in the old interface.

                    3. Outbound email - Agent update:

                                            When an outbound email ticket is transferred to a different agent, it looked as if the email was actually sent by the current owner of the ticket. This has been fixed now and it correctly displays the information of the actual email sender.

                    4. Unable to update contacts via import:

                                            When a contact has no email address attributed in the import file, the import gets stalled and prevents further contacts from being updated. Now, even if the import fails on one of the records, it is skipped and the subsequent records are processed.

                    5. Column resize issue: (MINT)

                                            In the table view, the spacing between the columns are auto-adjusted and the unwanted white spaces are removed to make the list view look more sleek. 

App Marketplace:

                    1. Instant search & trendAllows you to sync your freshdesk ticket data and analyse the ticket trends based on specific keywords

                    2. Amity: Connect your freshdesk account with AMITY and give more context to the Customer Success folks about the accounts' support activity.




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