Search for Tickets by Ticket-ID

We'd like to search for tickets by the Ticket-ID. It would be much easier for us, when the customer gives us the ID instead of searching by name, especially if you have a lot of tickets in your system.

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Hello Joachim,

Searching by Ticket-ID is already available in the helpdesk. To scrutinise the search result and list the exact match, you can use this method :



I already tried it, but it doesn't find any ticket.

Will have one of our support heroes to get in touch with you,Joachim. It should work when you actually lookup for tickets using the ID.


@Joachim: My bad! The search term should be constructed like this : <ticketid>


I know this post is a year old, but i'm having a search issue.  I'm trying to search for the TicketID only, but it pulls up anything with those numbers.  Even if I use the ": ticketID" method.

example TicketID 2120, pulls up that ticket, but it also pulls up other items that have numbers like CDH00902120 or Inv# 012120

If i type #2120 as it is displayed on the ticket, it won't find that.  I don't want to have to fish through multiple results to find just the ticket.  

For me it is the same if you search for the number everything come out, but if you search with # the search won't find that. 

How can I search a bill or ticket by id
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