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Hi, I just stared the trial, and I am experiencing that a lot of the language strings in my language are missing (norwegian). (Half of the strings are now in english and the other half in (poor) norwegian). I have seen a few threads here where users are invited to contribute, but they are quite old and if anyone could point me in the right direction as how I can get this fixed properly that would be awesome. As things are right now I cant defend implementing a solution where it is 50/50 norwegian and english.

Hello Anders,

There are quite a few pages on the MINT interface that haven't been mintified yet ie. we've to rewrite these pages from scratch which is a WIP. Are you referring to one of the pages - Social, Solutions/Forums or Reports? 

Can you please shoot an email to support(at)freshdesk(dot)com with the norwegian translations that you think can be improved? We'll try to incorporate them in the product as soon as we can. Thanks for helping us out :)


Well, as an example the header in the primary page says: "Hvordan kan vi bistå deg i dag?". That is extremely formal compared to what we are trying to accomplish. If you are rewriting stuff could I recommend that you make a window similar to the css-edit functions where we can do "language overrides". Then we would just need access to the english language file to find the strings and add the strings to be changed in the override-window?

something like a window to add strings like this would be extremely helpful i think, and might not be very hard to implement either without the need for doing tons of changes in the "official language files". With a dropdown above for each enabled language for instance? Adding a link besides it to the current english language-file would take care of listing the variable needed.

Ie - somewhere to write:

$frontpage_title = "Hva trenger du hjelp med?"

$log_in_button = "Innlogging" (current translation is fine, just an example)

would really be enough to solve all problems, and retain the option for your customers to tweak their sites without changing the language for all customers.

The most pressing frontend translations that would need to be changed is:

Title Current: Hvordan kan vi bistå deg i dag?

Title New: Hva trenger du hjelp til?

Frontend article search current: "Skrive det du søker etter her..."

Frontend article search new: "Søk etter løsning eller registrer en ny sak med knappen under" (seach for a solution or register a new problem with the button below - In any case "Skrive" should read "Skriv inn" to be correct.)

Thanks, Anders. Localisation is one of our major themes for the year and you'd definitely see some improvements going forward. Also, we're toying around with the idea of allowing users to customise the strings on their own. Will share any interesting developments on this as and when I get to hear from the team.


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