Freshdesk release notes- 29th April,2018 ✍️


                             1. Payments in Brazilian Reais:


                                                Customers can now pay for Freshdesk accounts in Brazilian Reais. You don't need to worry about the $ rate conversions, we already have them handy in the pricing page. 

                             2. Custom mailbox re-authentication message:

                                                     Often times, we see mailbox connection failures and our monitoring tool alerts the DevOps team here at Freshdesk. The Support team is made aware of the mailbox issue and they reach out to the actual user for corrective action. We wanted to make it more real-time and figure out a way to alert the admin about the failure.

                                                With this enhancement, if there is a connection error or re-auth to be done, you'd see a message right inside the helpdesk.

                         3. Notes section for Contacts & Companies: 

                                                     This enhancement allows you to add context specific information to contacts and companies. As an Account manager, you'd want to add some files/docs related to a specific user. This information can prove beneficial for the support agents while they're working on tickets. (Available for all accounts starting from Blossom)



                            1. SLA toggle button - overlap:

                                                            The name of the SLA policy was overlapping with the toggle button making the page look wonky. This has been fixed now.

                             2. Bug related to the bulk close option in the tickets list page:

                                                            In the old UI, agents with restricted access were able to close several tickets when the conditions weren't met. This has been fixed now.

App Marketplace:

                                    No new apps were published on our app marketplace. You can also contribute to the app marketplace by coding apps and solving use-cases on your own. Visit this page for documentation and other related information.



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Exciting stuff in here! For the Notes feature, it would be really useful if the notes are presented in a way that makes agents aware while they are viewing the ticket (so that the agent doesn't have to actively load the contact page before seeing that there are notes). That way they can be alerted to special contact notes as soon as they open a ticket.

Thanks for the upvote, Dave :) 

There are plans to enhance the requester widget section on the ticket page and I'm sure the team would have thought through this. Keep supporting us!


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