order of tags seems off

in some tickets when you add tags the order you put them is not retained, and in some the tags are being duplicated. tried to remove all tags and re-type again but the order is still not right.

anyone experiencing this?


We've recently pushed out some fixes w.r.t ticket tags. Can you please check if you're still experiencing the issue? Also, please give us some insights on the behaviour on the MINT interface vs the old ui. That should help us crack the case better.


I am having this issue too, I am attempting to have the tags in a certain order so I can easily report them. First, I thought the tags are automatically ordering alphabetically so renamed my tags so they will be organized. Once I did this I noticed that the tags reordered but it was not consistent throughout my tickets, the only thing that was consistent was the tag that was being displaced from the order that I expected. 

expected) Generated: client, Initiated: email, Process: some process, solved by: department

example of error) Generated: client, Process: some process, initiated: email, solved by: department

How can we arrange the order of the tags that we would like as a user?

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