SF Plus app deletes records in FD

I have been trying to figure out for months how records keep getting deleted in FreshDesk. After running some tests, I have discovered that if you merge records in SalesForce, it will then delete the record in Freshdesk, and not necessarily the correct record. I merged 2 records in SF with different email addresses. Only one of the email addresses was retained. After it synced to FD, the record with the correct email address was deleted and the incorrect email address record was retained. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you handle it? I find this totally unacceptable as I have been assured by FD multiple times that their integration will only update records and never delete them.

Hello Jennifer,

Can you please help us with more information on how the integration has been configured? Is it bi-directional sync with the master source of data set to Salesforce?


I have a ticket open with your support team as well. The integration is configured with SF as the master source of data and it only syncs from SF to FD.

Hi Jennifer,

Has this been resolved for you. I might land up in similar situation and want to make sure before starting that this issue is resolved. Thanks!!


No, I ended up canceling the SF Plus app b/c of this issue. I will also add that they would have to do more than just fix that issue for me to use it again. For example, it really needs the ability to only sync contacts and companies that are clients rather than pushing everything over. We have a ton of junk in our system now b/c of that integration.

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