Coming soon: Ability to delete users permanently!


Presenting you one of the popular asks from the community - When will I be able to completely delete a customer record in Freshdesk?

The answer is-  in a couple of days. The deployment is in progress and we're expecting the feature to be rolled out to all Freshdesk accounts before the end of this week.

Stay tuned to this post!


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Great stuff, thanks for the headsup!

Will there be retention settings? 

So for example it would automatically delete users who have not started or replied in a ticket during the last 90 days for example. 

@Preben: Consider this a mere substitute for the current 'Delete' action  available in the contacts page. Instead of listing the contacts in a deleted folder, this action will completely wipe off any details related to the contact. 


@Preben, I'm with you on that one. We would like to be able to delete contacts automatically under certain conditions, for example if their tickets had all been archived.

@Dave @Preben: While the upcoming release doesn't have the ability to automate deletion of requesters, we'd love to understand the need for it so that it'll help us in future iterations.

1. Pretty Basic - Why do you want to auto-delete users based on their interactions? I might be missing something but I'm not really sure how that would prove useful because, as soon as they send an email, their profile would be auto-created and you'll be at the risk of losing out historical information.

2. Do you want to alert the users when they are low on the support tickets' count? Can a mail campaign help in alerting users instead of deleting their profiles?


Hi Aravind, I appreciate you reaching out to understand our request, and I'm happy to explain:

  1. Why do you want to auto-delete users based on their interactions?: While making ourselves GDPR compliant, our company has decided that we should, as a policy, delete user data after a certain period of time. In our case it would be 2 years (the length of the warranty), though ideally this could be selected. This clears the support desk of clutter contacts but also makes sure that we are not hoarding data that we might lose track of in the future. I had imagined (though I'm open to suggestion) that perhaps a contact would be deleted if it had 0 tickets, and that tickets could be deleted after being in the archive for a set amount of time (like 2 years).
  2. Do you want to alert the users when they are low on the support tickets' count?: That's a good question. I suppose it would be useful to have as an option (perhaps as an Observer trigger) but in general I had expected that we would simply state in a T&Cs that we don't hold records of conversations past 2 years.
I hope that helps. Do let me know if you'd like me to clarify any of it!

Thanks for the detailed response, Dave. Much appreciated! I'll convey this to the product team and see if we can include this option in our enhancement plans for the future!

Just a quick idea- Using our API platform, you can define custom time range and automate ticket deletion based on a certain criteria. For example,you can make use of our API endpoints to filter for tickets last updated during a certain time period and then delete them via an automated script. For details, please read Filter tickets and Delete a ticket


Thanks for your investigation into this, Aravind. 

Dave explained it well, so the same for us, although our company retention setting on support will likely be lower. From likely a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 18 months. Having a history of 1 year can be beneficial, since we sell yearly subscriptions, but above 13 months we see little to no value. 

Please note, if I had developed this (as I'm a developer) I would probably have done it like this: 

1. Create a setting for retention of tickets. Tickets would be deleted only if both of the below conditions were met:

a) Ticket has NOT had *any* activity during the last X months/days/year (value X decided by retention setting)

b) Ticket is in a resolved and/or archived state

(You would first retrieve all the tickets with an older last activity date or creation date than the retention setting and then do additional checks on the returned result set as needed)

This would then delete old tickets. This makes the user retention setting easier to manage: 

2. Create a setting for retention of users. Users would be deleted only if all of the below conditions were met:

a) They have 0 tickets in total, both resolved and unresolved 

(You would have already deleted old tickets with the ticket retention policy at this point, so this would eventually be true for any user)

b) They are not blocked contacts

c) You could decide to introduce a "Ignore on retention"-setting on the user objects if anyone wanted to keep certain users regardless of the retention policy

(You would first retrieve all users with 0 tickets and then do additional checks as needed)


This is live. You'd now be able to permanently delete a contact in Freshdesk. The option lies in the deleted contact page - Check out the video to see how this functionality works:


Hi Aravind,

that's a good point - and a necessary point (because of new laws in EU), but how to delete contacts permanently via your API ? as were only using your API, so customers can manage their account directly via our website, its a necessary feature, to delete customers permanently also via your API.

I can't see anything in your API changelog for this feature :-/



Good catch, Marc. It is possible to hard delete contacts using API - we'll update the documentation in a bit.



Please note the latest date when this has to be done: On 25.05.2018 the EU demands the implementation of the new laws :-)

By then the whole thing must have been implemented and tested by us, so it would be good to publish the API changes a few days before.


The endpoints are already available and the update will reflect on the API documentation soon. I can help you with the endpoint right away.







id : integer <int64> Required Contact’s ID

force: boolean (Optional) If true, force delete a contact even if it is not soft deleted previously.Default value will be false



204 - Success

Contact has been scheduled for deletion and the contact will be deleted in sometime

400 - User invalid

Contact has not already been soft-deleted. The contact has to be soft deleted before hard


404 - User not found

Contact cannot be found



Thanks a lot!

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