Reset Password - You are not authorised to access this portal

Question regarding 'Login to the support portal':

One of our customers clicked on the Link 'Forgot your password?' and tried to reset the password by entering her email address. After clicking the button 'Reset my password' the following message shows up 'You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator.'

Why can't she reset the password?

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Hello Susanne,

This error would show up if the user is listed as a deleted contact in Freshdesk. If you're the admin of the helpdesk, you can help the user to retrieve her account. Please navigate to Customers tab and choose Deleted from the list of views. You would be able to locate her account and restore it to enable the login for the user.


Are you sure?  I had a customer report the same thing and I just went in and tested it in our account.  Created a brand new test user and that user gets the same error when trying to retrieve the password.

Hello Joel,

I hope our support agents were able to help you out with this issue. Please let me know if there's anything else.


is there any update on this? i am having same problem and i am indeed sure that customer is not under delete contact.

@Guanle: Can you please check if the notification for user activation is turned on under Admin-> Email notifications -> Requester notifications section? Also, Can you please ask the user to reset the password and see if that helps?


Same problem on activation emails.  User gets activation email, clicks link, is taken to 'Forgot Password' page but gets "You are not authorized..." when they try to create their password.  I have to manually reset their password as an agent then it works fine.

I am a new user and I am having a problem setting up an account, I keep getting  Getting " I am not authorized to access this portal".  I want to reset my password so I can see the status of a ticket for issues  with Sling air tv

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