Forwarded email is not coming through as ticket

I am trying to manually forward emails from my support-email address. However, they are not coming through as tickets. If I use any other email account, email comes through and ticket is created.

What is blocking forwarded emails to come through?

Hello Jan,

Are you trying to manually forward emails from the support mailbox? If that's the case, Freshdesk doesn't create tickets as it might end up in a potential looping of tickets. Can you please help me with the idea behind manually forwarding those emails? Are you trying to create tickets for some of the older emails in the mailbox?


Hello Aravind,

that could explain it. 

Yes, I have old emails, I would like to forward and have tickets created. 


ps. I have no access to company's DNS records.

Thanks, Jan. Not sure if you've already seen this, we've a migration app that can seamlessly transfer old emails in GMAIL to Freshdesk. Check it out here:

In case if you're on a different mail system, please let me know. 


The emails are on MS Outlook Exchange (2010?) server. I couldn't see same kind of apps for it. Do you think there might be a solution?

Have to say, that those emails are not numerous, so I can manage setting up them one by one. However, it would be handy there would be a way forward also old emails from support-inbox to tickets.


We have a team specialised in migrating data from other resources to Freshdesk. You might want to get in touch with them and I think they would be better equipped to help you through this. I'll raise a support ticket for you and have one of our experts get in touch via email. 

As far as I know, if there are ways in which you could export the mail dumps and provide them as .csv files, the team can get them migrated using our ingrown tool.


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