Requester to see other requester tickets

Is it possible for requesters (mainly supervidors / managers) to see their staff's tickets?

Or the ability to 'share' them to other people?

We get lots of emails from managers asking on the status of their staff members tickets

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Hi Martin,

If I understand your question right, there's an option under Requesters profile just for this! Here's how you can configure it. You just have to make sure that the ticket is associated to the right department.


Hey. Yeah I guess, but probably more granular. Is there an option for the just the requesters that report to them, rather than a whole dept. We have Depts that have multiple managers who have their own team of staff, In the above scenario, ALL the managers in that 1 Dept will be able to see all the tickets. Would be nice for them only to see the staff's that report specifically to them

Any update?

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