Freshdesk release notes- 12th May,2018 ✍️


   1. Delete a contact permenantly: *GDPR compliance*


                                            Earlier, if you delete a contact, the contact would be moved to the deleted contacts view with tickets and other information kept intact. Now, you can go a step ahead and completely wipe of any information related to the contact - All Agents with delete contact privilege would be able to perform this task. Here's a quick GIF that illustrates how you can use this option:

     2. Company fields in ticket export: (MINT release)

                                                    A while ago, we added 4 default company fields to help users to segregate business effectively. Now, you can also export these values along with the ticket data right from the ticket list page.

     3. API- Filter contacts based on timestamp:

                                                    Similar to the tickets API, developers will now be able to use updated_at parameter to fetch contacts based on the last updated timestamp.


     1. Issue with contact import:

                                                    We noticed that in some cases, the contact import was getting struck and upon further analysis, we figured out that contacts with no email and just the phone number were causing all the troubles. This has been fixed now and the import works as expected.

    2. Dependant fields in automations support "ANY value" in condition: 

                                                The "Any" value in dependant field conditions was defaulting to NULL earlier. We've got this behaviour right and now it checks if the dependant field has any value chosen.

    3. Issue with Scenario automations' condition:

                                                     In Scenario automations, the option Set product as NONE was failing to empty the product field. This has been fixed.

    4. Solution search for agents:

                                                     For sprout accounts, the agent side solution search didn't yield the results as expected. We've got this covered!

    5. Inconsistency of date values across different timezones: (MINT)

                                                    The values stored in custom date fields were not consistent across different timezones ie. If an user checks the field value from a different timezone, it wasn't adjusted to show the value according to his profile. This was primarily due to the fact that the timestamps were considered to be 00:00:00. Post fix, the date values are adjusted according to the user profile timezone.

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Tarik here.

The system to communicate is creative and feel good. 

As the new one of freshdesk we need some tools like this.



Exporting company fields with tickets is a great idea.  Very useful.  I look forward to using that.

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