How to create/view child tickets via an api



I am planning to perform some automation around tickets on freshdesk. The natural way to achieve this is by tracking sub-tasks or sub-tickets for a ticket that was submitted by a user.

The list of sub-tasks can be dynamic and require additional data source to create. So I would like an automatic process to generate the sub-tickets via an Api call.

The questions

- how can I create child tickets via the Api? 
  I cannot find documentation for this. 

- how can I list child tickets for a particular parent?

- is it possible to view or update custom ticket status via the api.

  if so - how can I know what value matches which custom status.

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Hello Ofer,

Thanks for writing this on our community forums. Parent-Child ticketing was released recently and at the moment, there are no APIs that can enable you to create sub-tasks or child tickets. Having said that, we're working on additional set of APIs that would complement the existing ones and you should see parent-child ticketing API available soon. 

It is possible to update custom ticket status via API. Please refer to:

The Custom status values would be assigned in the order of creation - ie. they would be assigned a value starting from 6.


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