Required Ticket Fields

There is a requirement in REST API which force developers to fill Ticket Fields required for AGENTS when a ticket is being created with API.

However in case when you create a ticket on behalf of end user - you can't specify Agent or Group, since End user is not able to choose it.

I'm quite sure that a lot of other integrations which create tickets on behalf of End users suffer from this API limitation. There should be possibility to create tickets with API, as an end user, not as an agent, and not meet agent's requirements.

Right now we spend a lot of time explaining our customers why their tickets are not being created and asking them to provide default values for such fields. In some cases it is not possible for them to provide such values. 

P.S. Please advice if I'm missing some workaround which can solve this issue.

Hello Konstantyn,

I believe you're trying to create a ticket from a form embedded in your website, presumably! The API has been designed to use agent's auth to access the ticket/other helpdesk objects and hence it follows the same pattern for ticket fields too. In your case, you can capture the user filled in information in the form and then while constructing the API call, you can specify the default values for groups or other fields that you cannot expose to the customers so that the tickets are created without any issues.


Hello Aravind,

Unfortunately we don't host these form ourselves and we have a lot of Freshdesk customers, our solution work for a lot of Freshdesk accounts. And yes, providing default values for these fields is our only option, and we do that right now. But it leads to a lot of issues during setup and after it. We should explain our Freshdesk clients why messages from their customers are limited with their Agent's rules. We should notify them every time they make some field required for agents, ask them to provide default value, and then deliver undelivered due to this issue messages. 

So we have complex setup, and possible issues even after setup is successfully completed because of that. And we don't have any chance to avoid them.

All of that happens because there is no possibility to create tickets on behalf of customer, instead of Agent.

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