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Tired of logging into to different helpdesk accounts or CRM accounts? We vow to make this easy with a single login to all of your Freshworks' subscriptions.

Freshdesk is now integrated with a sidebar that enables you to quickly navigate to any of your subscriptions - Freshchat, Freshcaller, Freshmarketer or another Freshdesk account. You can also quickly signup for a new trial if you'd like to try any of our product offerings.

It'll be enabled in batches for all accounts in the Mint interface. If you're interested to try this out, drop us a note here and we'll get this enabled for you.

p.s: We haven't named this sidebar yet. Help us with some naming suggestions :)


How about:




or simply:


Cool - look forward to this - jumping between Freshsales and Freshdesk has always just been another tab - this will be a nice improvement.

Thanks, @Gregg. Interestingly, couple of the suggestions were discussed initially :) 

Folks, we're calling it the Freshworks Switcher - allows you to switch across the Freshworks' product suite. 


This is nice for anyone using multiple platforms, but for those who only use 1 product of yours, being redirected to freshworks in order to login, then being redirected back to the product wastes time and adds frustration.

It would be great if you could keep this sidebar for everyone who logs directly into freshworks, but also embed the freshworks login duirectly into the other products so they don't require redirecting.

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