Changes to Archived tickets in Freshdesk!


We're pushing out some changes with respect to how Archived tickets are rendered in Freshdesk MINT. Here's a quick overview of the changes:

  1. The ticket list view "Archive" will no longer provide the list of tickets. You'll be re-directed to an export view wherein you can apply filters and export the archived tickets data.

    The agent can either search for the archived ticket or access those tickets by directly hitting the url - (on MINT) or

  2. In the contacts/company profile page, the archived tickets section will list the latest 30 archived tickets. You'll also find an option to export all archived tickets for the particular contact/company

  3. Archived tickets can be deleted using the "Delete Forever" option in the details page. 

A detailed article will be published post the release.

Edit: The changes are live. For more details, read Ticket Archiving


Dear Aravind S,

The archiving of the tickets is now making it hard for me to generate reports for management.

As at today, I'm trying to generate a list of all our tickets assigned to us, and then filter the information based on what has been completed to marry up with invoicing.

At present, when I set the search date (doesn't matter how far I go back to start the report), the extract only gives me the data that hasn't been archived, and I cannot see how to get the archived data for all data.

Is it so when I search the archives there are so few tickets there.

We do about 50 tickets a day.

When I make a filter for one week (in a period over a year ago), the results only show 6 tickets...

I was looking for a quote I've made a customer last year. Now he is coming here to approve the quote (finaly)...

But I can not find the outgoing mail anymore. 

Is it deleted?

I have the same for lots and lots of other tickets and mails too...

I don't like the fact that when you do pull up the archive ticket, that all time entry information is not shown.  We went searching for an archived ticket (which by the way, did not even show up when doing a search) and could only pull it up via a time report.  When we got to the ticket, none of the time entry information was there anymore.  Not only that, but since the time entry notes are also truncated in the time reports, the only option there is to see the detail is to export the time report (I tried exporting archive tickets as well, but time entries aren't included in that either).  That's a large amount of time taken up just to see the time entry detail for one ticket.

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