Changes to Archived tickets in Freshdesk!


We're pushing out some changes with respect to how Archived tickets are rendered in Freshdesk MINT. Here's a quick overview of the changes:

  1. The ticket list view "Archive" will no longer provide the list of tickets. You'll be re-directed to an export view wherein you can apply filters and export the archived tickets data.

    The agent can either search for the archived ticket or access those tickets by directly hitting the url - (on MINT) or

  2. In the contacts/company profile page, the archived tickets section will list the latest 30 archived tickets. You'll also find an option to export all archived tickets for the particular contact/company

  3. Archived tickets can be deleted using the "Delete Forever" option in the details page. 

A detailed article will be published post the release.

Edit: The changes are live. For more details, read Ticket Archiving


I'm also very concerned about archived tickets now only being available through an export.

We frequently need to search back through and refer to archived tickets and I've mentioned in other threads how the ideal would be to have a checkbox added to the filters so that we can toggle archived tickets on and off - off most of the time (for performance reasons) but on if you need it. It sounds like Tom above has the same issue.

I agree with the other posters that this seems like step backwards. What is the reason for this change?

I also think you should consider that many organizations would want to always see archived tickets just as they would active tickets. I don't understand the need to handle archived tickets differently than normal current tickets.

Wow.  That certainly reduces functionality.  I thought that the general idea of updates was to make the software better.  Who decided it was a good idea to make it worse?

I agree with the others that archived tickets shouldn't be separated from the rest. Keep them available in a very easy way, just as if it's a current ticket. What is the reason for this change?

I can understand the need for performance not to access the older and non-relevant tickets anymore.

What I do not like is that the way we search or get history for older tickets:

  • why do you as Freshdesk decice what is not-relevant anymore (120 days)
  • the search is not great in the first place. adding a layer of complexity (archived tickets or not) makes it more difficult. I personally would be more happy if I could apply a search of a certain topic by my chosen date, not your chosen max days of inactivity
  • in the SalesForce - Freshdesk connection, we only see the tickets per account that are NOT archived. For our sales team, this time period of just 120 days is just too short! The last 365 days (a single year!) would be much more logical.
  • getting an overview of tickets and their stats from a certain company in the last year (this is a typical contract duration) is hardly possible within Freshdesk, and requires us to do more steps and combine things.
  • Archived tickets are not accessible via the API

From my point of view, having these archived tickets (with the 120 days of inactivity) is not moving Freshdesk in the right direction.

I don't like this at all.  Right now in Mint, I'm struggling to even find archived tickets.  The filter keeps toggling back to current view.  This whole thing is a mess and it's about to get worse.


I agree with the other replyers; there is no difference in my opinion between current tickets and close tickets, only the status is different. It's important that it's very easy to lookup old tickets for supporting purposes. So don't make it harder to get them, make it more easy... I'm also curious what the reason for this change is?

Oh that is terrible! We use the search quite a lot to find a question that has been raised before and see what one of us had replied. That is both for new people working at support (and learning) and ourselves as a reminder.

Maybe you can explain to us the reason for this decision.

By the way, finding the ticket by its exact link is just unworkable and the export is an odd solution especially when you want search text!



The ticket archive feature was built, to help us serve our users, a faster loading application even if the account had millions of tickets. We had a discussion with many of our power users of archived tickets to get an understanding of what the agents generally do with such tickets. In most of the cases, these tickets were reviewed at a later point of time for reference or to be removed completely from the system. Some users also wanted to provide a report on the archived tickets per company. 

Considering all these facts, we decided to go with the approach of providing a simple list view with basic filters that would allow users to export archived tickets from the helpdesk. We'd also be bringing in custom field filters in the archived tickets list view to ease the task of an agent - provided that we crack the technicalities of it soon.

@Micha: I wanted to highlight on a couple of things here. Archived tickets can be accessed via API - the public API documentation will be updated soon. For now, I'll help you with the endpoint -{{}}

Archived tickets can be obtained through the ticket search. It would behave the same way as with the normal tickets - the agents can either search using the ticket ID or through keyword combinations. 

We're considering the option of allowing configurable archive timeline for tickets. It is now 120 days but you'd be able to configure this according to your business need soon. Thanks for your understanding on this.


Aravind, are you saying that when I am looking at an individual customer or company, only the last 30 archived tickets will display? Why not all?

Dear Aravind S,

The archiving of the tickets is now making it hard for me to generate reports for management.

As at today, I'm trying to generate a list of all our tickets assigned to us, and then filter the information based on what has been completed to marry up with invoicing.

At present, when I set the search date (doesn't matter how far I go back to start the report), the extract only gives me the data that hasn't been archived, and I cannot see how to get the archived data for all data.

Hello everyone,

The change majorly revolves around replacing the Archived tickets list view with a page that would let you to apply some filters and export the list of tickets in a .csv file. Note that the .csv file has a column dedicated to store the ticket urls so that you can easily access a specific archived ticket. 

You can search for a text and the archived tickets will be a part of the search results just like any other ticket. There has been no change made with respect to the ticket search. Also, the latest 30 archived tickets can be accessed from the user profile page. If you'd like to know more, please read this article that explains the ideology behind Ticket Archiving and how it impacts different functional areas of the helpdesk.

@Tom: Are you not able to access Archived tickets on Mint? That shouldn't happen ideally. Happy to chat offline to get this resolved.


I don't mind archiving the tickets automaticly.
But we receive lots of mails and for a majority of them, we need to reply to them after 6 months or more.

Sometimes it is about contracts etc. So we will mail them now, and remind them in about 6 to 12 months later.

But we can't reply to those older, archived tickets.

A customer can reply to it, and then the archived ticket is out of the archive.

But we have to start the conversation again from our side. 

And now there is no possibility to do so. Other that creating a new email to them and pasting some relevant items of the archive ticket into the new one.

This is not effective at all because in the archived ticket there is a lot of relevant information.

Is there

1. A possibility to copy an archived ticket ENTIRLY into a new ticket (incl. thead of messages)?

2. Just reply to an archived ticket?

Is it so when I search the archives there are so few tickets there.

We do about 50 tickets a day.

When I make a filter for one week (in a period over a year ago), the results only show 6 tickets...

I was looking for a quote I've made a customer last year. Now he is coming here to approve the quote (finaly)...

But I can not find the outgoing mail anymore. 

Is it deleted?

I have the same for lots and lots of other tickets and mails too...

I don't like the fact that when you do pull up the archive ticket, that all time entry information is not shown.  We went searching for an archived ticket (which by the way, did not even show up when doing a search) and could only pull it up via a time report.  When we got to the ticket, none of the time entry information was there anymore.  Not only that, but since the time entry notes are also truncated in the time reports, the only option there is to see the detail is to export the time report (I tried exporting archive tickets as well, but time entries aren't included in that either).  That's a large amount of time taken up just to see the time entry detail for one ticket.

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