Freshdesk release notes- 17th May,2018 ✍️


1. Changes to Archived tickets: (MINT)


                                            Archived tickets' list view now allows you to export the ticket data along with the ticket url reference. No changes have been made with respect to the tickets' search - Archived tickets will continue to be a part of the search results. For more details, please read: Ticket Archiving

2. Freshworks Unified Experience:

                                                 Exciting stuff on the way! Follow this space closely -

Bug Fixes:

1. Loop within a loop: (MINT)

                                                 Clicking on the 'Cancel' button in the profile settings page (where you'd edit your profile information), left Freshdesk Inception-ised! Duplicate windows appeared every time when the cancel action was performed. This was how it looked like:

2. Translation error in Spam and Deleted tickets view: (MINT)

                                                    If you've been using Freshdesk in non-English languages, you'd have probably noticed this error flag showing up in these ticket views. You don't have to worry about the flag anymore!

3. Additional filters in the filtered view:

                                                        If you're on a saved filter view - say 'My Open and Customer Responded tickets' and add additional filter using the right pane (Choosing Agent as 'Me'), the tickets weren't getting sorted as per the original selection. (Eg. Sort by priority). This has been fixed now.

4. Issue with Public ticket url:

                                                        The issue with public ticket urls for Freshchat enabled accounts has been resolved.

5. End user portal - 'Tickets Created By' field:

                                                    In the end-user portal, users with "View all tickets from the company" privilege would be able to sort tickets raised by any other user from the same company. This option failed to bring results when the chosen contact was tagged to multiple companies (One contact to many companies association). This has been fixed now.

6. Lost- Article attachments:

                                                        This one's a bit weird - adding article content to ticket replies and removing the attachments seem to delete the original resource. This fix is for the Old UI as the issue doesn't occur on Mint.

App marketplace:

LogMein rescueEnables you to generate remote session links and share it on tickets. 

Did you know? You can write powerful apps to complement Freshdesk functionalities to create customised workflows for agents. Visit for further information.


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