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 Just wanted to post a concern and a warning for those using Freshdesk.  At one point, My "Agent" name was somehow swapped with my real name, First and Last. This is concerning because I'm not trying to get messages outside of my helpdesk and into my personal social media account,, etc..

So please double check your "Agent" alias.  And if you are admin for a team, please inform your team if they are using an alias.  East agent much change the profile name themselves.  The profile change is ported to Freshworks.  An admin cannot change their names for them.  It must be done personally.

Freshworks team.. please be aware of this.


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Welcome to the Freshdesk community! Glad to e-meet you here. 

The Freshworks login has been enabled to ease the login workflow for agents if you're using multiple accounts across the Freshworks' products suite. It uses a SSO mechanism which fetches the name from the email address associated with the user profile. The agents can change their profile information in the Freshworks account page. You can read more about this here.


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