Create a reply for the customer


I try to create a reply for a customer with the API :
And like params :
array (size=2)
  'body' => string 'TEST'
  'from_email' => string ''
But the API response is :
  public 'description' => string 'Validation failed' (length=17)
  public 'errors' => 
    array (size=1)
      0 => 
          public 'field' => string 'from_email' (length=10)
          public 'message' => string 'There is no active email_config matching the given from_email' (length=61)
          public 'code' => string 'invalid_value' (length=13)
I have this error with all the emails that I tested :
- Customer email
- Agent email
- Administrator email

Would you have a solution?


Hello Hugo,

The 'from_email' denotes the support email address that you can use to send a reply to a ticket. This is an optional parameter and can be used only when you'd like to change the 'FROM' address of the email reply as an agent. In order to create a reply, you can simply use the 'body' parameter to construct the message and 'user_id' to indicate whether it is an agent or an user.


Hello Aravind,

Thanks for your help !

I wasn't looking at the right parameter.



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